Covenant Anglican Church, ACNA, San Marcos, Texas

The Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion

There are few points about which it is so important for English Churchmen to have clear and correct views, as about the nature, position, and authority of the Thirty-Nine Articles.
— J. C. Ryle, Knots Untied

a reformed confession...

The Via Media of the Elizabethan Church of England was properly fused into history with the Thirty-Nine Articles of Religion (1571). The Via Media, or "Middle Way," was to be the direction of the Church of England in the volatile theological climate of the 16th century. The "Middle Way" kept the Reformed theology of the Reformation while retaining elements of worship that did not conflict with Scripture and conscience.  

Throughout the centuries, the authoritative impact of the Thirty-Nine Articles has ebbed and flowed. Today, however, there appears to be a resurgence and interest in this historical confession. As part of the taking of holy orders (i.e., ordination), priests and deacons make a "declaration of assent" to the Thirty-Nine Articles. This is no small declaration, as it is made before God, the bishop, and the presenting clergy and congregation.

Covenant Anglican is dedicated to the catechizing and discipling of its members through the use of the Thirty-Nine Articles alongside Scripture.